The Healthy Edgerton Coalition is comprised of caring individuals and professionals who want to prevent serious injury and health issues among our community's young people and other citizens due to underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.

We are advocates for community health, don't judge and always try to take a positive approach to reducing alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

Most Edgerton students reported not drinking alcohol. The number of students who report not drinking alcohol has increased from 42% in 2007 to 66% last year. Each of us can help encourage even more students to not participate in underage drinking.

Our Mission

To raise awareness, educate and support positive change for the community and youth.

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Our History

The coalition was established in response to the Search Institute survey results indicating Edgerton youth were at an INCREASED RISK for engaging in underage drinking and drug use. The results identified strengths and deficits in the developmental assets of Edgerton youth.

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